Whole Body Piano Lessons

Whole Body Piano is Susan’s approach to teaching students how to develop their piano playing in a satisfying integration of body, mind and music. By blending her knowledge of Dalcroze Eurhythmics and Body Mapping, Susan teaches students to engage in a full sensory musical experience.

Piano Lessons for Children

Music and movement simply go together. Susan works with children’s natural inclination for physical rhythm, integrated movement and singing to develop piano playing skills and musical connections that will last a lifetime. In addition to playing the instrument, students will learn to read music, understand the structure of pieces and communicate expressive choices.

Piano Lessons for Adults

Play the piano with pleasure! Explore music theory, find support and fluency for your technique and discover your connection with the music. Whether you come with years of experience or are developing a new side of your brain, Susan collaborates with you to help you meet your musical goals.


  • One-on-one weekly instruction in NE Portland studio
  • Lesson length: 30 or 45 minutes for children; 60 minutes for adults
  • Monthly studio classes or recitals

Please contact Susan for rates, times and availability.

Master and Studio Classes

For these small group classes of 4 to 6 students, Susan comes as a guest clinician to your studio and guides a dynamic and interactive session. Students learn to use their bodies to feel the rhythm of the music and use their whole body support while playing. At the end of these sessions, students can expect to become more connected to their music and feel more grounded in their playing and technique.


  • Small, intimate group setting at agreed-upon location
  • Session length: 90 minutes

Please contact Susan for rates, times and availability.

“My daughter started taking piano lessons from Susan at age 7. Susan had an exceptional ability to engage my daughter with music in a way that worked just right for her - she allowed my daughter to write and perform her own music for her first recital, she encouraged my daughter to experiment with music she was interested in, she frequently had my daughter bouncing a ball and moving her body to feel the rhythm and the beat of the music, she had her feel a plastic skeleton to see how her arms move with her body as she plays. Susan's patience, professionalism and ability to truly tune in to where my daughter was at each lesson gave my daughter the self-confidence to play and perform on piano - she is now 14, and still playing.”
-- Diane Hollister, parent

“‘Lessons’ is a completely inadequate word to describe the extraordinary support, feedback, encouragement, and instruction - in life, as well as piano - that you’ve given me.”
-- Erika Hadlock, adult student