Body Mapping and Injury Prevention

Musicians move for a living!  The quality of our movements determines the quality of musical sounds we make, as well as the health of our bodies. The problem is that music is rarely taught as movement, and amateur as well as professional musicians suffer injuries. Following in the footsteps of somatic pioneer F.M Alexander, Barbara and William Conable developed the art and science of Body Mapping to facilitate musician’s artistry and wellness.

Body Mapping

What is a Body Map? It is your internal representation of your anatomical structure and movement. Your Body Map begins to develop in your brain before birth, and the neuronal connections of your Body Map allow you to walk and talk before the age of three. Your Body Map governs your movement and continues to develop over time, sometimes accurately and adequately, but often times not. If not, your movement feels “off” and you will begin to suffer pain and limitation.

By changing your Body Map, you can radically improve your body’s movement. Internalizing accurate anatomical information, through listening, observation and physical exploration, you will experience more efficient, pleasurable and effective movement—for whatever you do, from playing to the piano to taking a walk.

What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body® is a 6 hour introduction to Body Mapping. In the class, students will be taught essential material about how bodies are magnificently designed to support and deliver weight, and allow for fabulous movement. Students develop skills for cultivating awareness and are coached in the application of Body Mapping truths at their chosen musical instrument or activity.

Private Body Mapping Lessons are arranged to address specific issues of injury and limitation.

Private Piano Lessons incorporate Body Mapping, helping you develop a fluid and pain free technique, with accurate anatomical information and the awareness to use it.

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"We save and secure musicians' careers by providing accurate anatomical information about the body in movement."
-- Barbara Conable, founder Andover Educators

"Wow, this is like getting an owner's manual to our bodies."
-- Michela McMahon, body mapping student

"Susan is a creative, gentle, and collaborative teacher. She helps me approach harp playing with fresh eyes and images, and new possibilities. She brings a sense of playfulness to her teaching role alongside an embodied knowledge of bodymapping. Her guidance has been very helpful as I recover from injury.
-- Andrea Partenheimer, harpist